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The Onion Went There

From The Onion article, Black Man Out Of Work:

WASHINGTONβ€”Joining the ranks of the unemployed at a time when joblessness remains stubbornly high among African Americans, 55-year-old local black man Barack Obama has lost the full-time job he has held for the past eight years, sources confirmed Friday.

A father of two and his family’s sole breadwinner for much of the past decade, the dismissed African-American employee was reportedly instructed to vacate his workplace by the end of the week, after which he will no longer be on his employer’s payroll.

But the real rub:

Because he obtained healthcare through his employer, Obama will now have to purchase insurance to cover his family’s medical expenses, which experts said is an option that will soon become exceedingly expensive if lawmakers vote to do away with the few affordable plans currently available to individual consumers.